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Our Services

Our company offers comprehensive and integrated services that can be easily requested through our website and soon through our mobile application. Our services include:

Surveying Works

Our company has a team of surveying engineers and a set of surveying devices such as (Level Survey, GPS, and Total Station) to accomplish all tasks assigned to them with ultimate accuracy.
AMS is a leading engineering services company
AMS is a leading engineering services company


We have a group of specialized supervising engineers with the highest levels of professionalism and dedication to supervise projects, follow up with clients, and resolve any problem they may encounter during the project’s completion process.

Interior Design

We are keen on highlighting the aesthetic shape, artistic touch, and special taste of each project to explicitly reflect its essence through innovative artistic techniques and creative ideas. Thus overcoming the most challenging step for a decorator which is handling clients’ different tastes and demands.
AMS is a leading engineering services company
AMS is a leading engineering services company

Engineering Designs

This department is responsible for creating engineering designs for different departments, including architecture, construction, mechanical, and electrical engineering for all residential, administrative, and commercial projects. Our company has an integrated team with extensive experience in design and project study. The design concept is presented and crystallized into a project that can be executed, and then the rest of the designs are completed along with a complete study of the specifications, technical requirements, and quantity tables. The team also conducts bidding and selects suitable contractors.

Urban Planning

Our company carries out urban planning studies of residential complexes to add roads and landscapes to them, in addition to conducting project path studies for all its stages of completion.
AMS is a leading engineering services company
AMS is a leading engineering services company

Real Estate Development

Internatio AMS Engineering company also provides specialized real estate consultations on how to choose a property, in addition to how to thrive in the real estate market and legal system. Our consultants have the needed experience that qualifies them to give efficient advice and answer any inquiry regarding real estate.

Environmental Architecture

We design buildings in compliance with natural environmental systems, as well as cultural and social traditions, taking into account the pollution hazards resulting from it at all stages of construction, to achieve rationalization of natural resource consumption and avoid natural disasters.
AMS is a leading engineering services company